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If you share the same field of interest and have your vision, plans and strategies clear but lacking financial support, Ansuvara Foundation can be your friend for this. You need to fill up this form to apply for a grant. But please go through the eligibility criteria before filling the form.

Your application will have a much better chance of success if you can evidence the need for project and outcomes you expect to achieve with our support. The impact, coverage, and sustainability must be clearly stated.

Eligibility Criteria

We do not accept the application for a grant from following causes listed as our exclusion criteria:

  1. Association/ Chamber membership
  2. Athletic Sponsorship
  3. General operation expenses
  4. Political causes and campaigns
  5. Fund project outside Nepal
  6. Faith-based organization
  7. When the proposed grant will only benefit the organization or its member

Note:  Most applications we support do not usually exceed 30K, although in exceptional circumstances the Foundation may consider a higher level of support.

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