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Our Work

        The philanthropist action of Ansuvara Foundation has a wide range of coverage. We have different working members for different focus areas. As it is said there are no known boundaries in bringing a smile to other’s life, we here at Ansuvara Foundation are committed to working with our full potential and resources & make ourselves truly people for others. In line with the Millennium Development Goals, we are dedicated to improving health care and nutrition, primary education and enabling access to safe drinking water.

The right to education is guaranteed in our constitution. But still, there are large numbers of children devoid of exercising this right. We believe that every one of us must have access to education regardless of caste and gender.

A major economic source for the marginalized communities in Nepal is agriculture. We work relentlessly to enhance livelihood opportunities and create awareness, knowledge among the people that helps to reduce the risk for rural communities. We provide a solution to their problems by deploying locally relevant solutions. We tend to diversify the economies of rural societies instead of their complete dependence on agriculture.

Health is one of the fundamental needs of humans. Realizing this, Ansuvara Foundation has always been working in this field with the motto “Health for all ”. We conduct free health camps and services to the remote area on a routine basis. We are always concerned about the health of our employee’s too as a healthy mind brings out the best possible innovative ideas.

Natural calamities can come anywhere, at any place with no pre warnings. But the Foundation’s team is ready for the relief operations right from assessing the severity and condition of people, distributing the relief materials and constructing temporary shelters for them to stay. We are always ready when our country and our people need us the most.

Nepal is diversified by geography and cultural aspects. We are blessed to have mesmerizing arts, architecture, various cultural norms, and beliefs. Nature has provided us the boon in its best possible way. Every citizen of our country has to work for their protection and preservation. Ansuvara Foundation is working and will always work for the upliftment and protection of national property. We love our identity of being Nepali which lies in these diverged art, culture and heritage.

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